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You Never Know!

| June 06, 2016
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I experienced one of the worst days of my life when I witnessed a dear friend pass away on the golf course on May 21st. Just a few feet away from me, he collapsed, we administered CPR until the EMT’s and ambulance arrived, and he never recovered. A life experience that I would like to forget; however, I am beginning to reflect and learn from it.

The impact that Jerry has had on so many is far beyond what most people knew. He served others with humility and a love of God. The faith that has been demonstrated by his family is a testament to his spiritual foundation, and the testimony of his children and grandchildren are evidence of the values that Jerry and Debbie instilled in them.

What many of us have learned with Jerry’s loss is that we want to be more like him. He was such an example of the hands, the feet, the smile, and the love of Jesus that we will all miss; and we can honor him by attempting to carry on that legacy.

Life’s experiences are often challenges, and this one for me is gradually getting better. I can now say with sincerity that Jerry’s life on earth was a storybook ending for him—he was with good friends, doing what he loved, had just hit his best shot of the day, did not suffer, and is now with our Lord. Certainly not a storybook ending for the rest of us that are grieving his loss. However, if we can be more like Jerry, have a positive impact on others, and leave this world a better place, we will have lived well.

Life is precious, and let this be a reminder to make it count. We have choices as to how we will impact others, and how we will prepare our loved ones if something should happen to us. Not always pleasant thoughts, but necessary nonetheless.

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