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We All Need Advisors

| July 17, 2017
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While my wife and I were recently on vacation in California we decided to drive down to Newport Beach to check out a car that was just what I wanted - my dream car! And it was very reasonably priced relative to others I had researched over the last year. It was located at a Ferrari dealership, so I figured it might be a good deal because some customer traded in his Porsche for a Ferrari and took a beating. I test drove it and made them an offer a few thousand below ask, and they accepted. Wow, my first 911!  

I arranged for shipment of the car home, and since we were still early in our trip the car actually beat me back home to Tennessee. I had it delivered to my office and immediately taken to CarSmart where I've done some business over the years. I asked them to detail it for me, and as they went over the car it became clear that the car had been in an unreported accident. There was plenty of evidence that the car had been repainted, rather poorly to the trained eye, and hence this made the car's true value suspect. CarSmart advised me to return the car to the dealer in California as I had overpaid for a wrecked car that could have been damaged in ways that have not yet revealed themselves. So I heeded CarSmart's advice and got my full refund including my shipping cost.

Then CarSmart helped me find an even better car!  Sometimes we all need an advisor to help us navigate this complicated world. Certainly I did, in buying a used car. And I believe the same thing applies to wealth management. It's a complex world, so at Collier Wealth Management we use our experience and team of advisors to help our clients make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Life is better when we use the talents of professionals with a goal to help us get better results and achieve even more!

This is the car I shipped home from CA.  Looks good to the untrained eye, but it's been in a wreck with several repaired panels.

This is the second car which CarSmart helped me locate and purchase. Super clean and like new! I like this one much better!

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