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Today is a present!

| February 26, 2018
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I was skimming through the plethora of February Holidays which number over 40 if you can believe that! Some we are familiar with, i.e. Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday, Groundhog Day, and many that I bet we are not: National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (4th), Safer Internet Day (6th), National Send a Card to a Friend Day (7th), Random Act of Kindness Day (17th), National Love Your Pet Day (20th), etc.

There was one though that caught my eye based on a recent experience. It was World Cancer Day which is February 4th. On January 2nd, I had surgery to remove what was thought to be a cancerous tumor, and I was blessed beyond description when the biopsy results confirmed it was benign a week later. From the time of the diagnosis to the results (several weeks), my emotions and fears ran the gamut. However, on the morning of the surgery I felt at peace as I was surrounded by family and friends; and I had done a lot of contemplating of what is important in life.

I now vote that every day should be a “What is Important Day”! Just think how our lives could change if we approached each day with that thought. How would we interact with others, how thankful would we be, how would we communicate to those we encounter, and how would we let those people that are important in our lives know that? Let’s stop the procrastination that results from life’s “busy-ness”, and eliminate “tomorrow” as our excuse for not recognizing the importance of today.

Remember The past is history, and tomorrow is a mystery; but today is a present!!!

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