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There's an App for That

| February 24, 2016
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‘There’s an app for that’… I know it is a cheesy joke and Apple actually had the phrase trademarked, but I enjoy sharing helpful apps with my friends.  My latest find is MileIQ. If you drive your car for business, you can take a mileage deduction of 54 cents per mile for 2016.  It can be a hassle to manually track your mileage, but this app makes it easy with automatic drive detection – yes, just have your phone in the car and the app captures every mile (no buttons to press, nothing to start or stop, or turn on or off).

I especially want to encourage all of my CPA friends to encourage all of their clients to use this smartphone app to create a log for mileage deductions.  MileIQ has a special program for CPAs, EAs and tax pros which offers a free subscription and 30% tax season discount for your clients!  I highly suggest you check out this app.

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