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The Methodical Construction of a Bird's Nest

| May 02, 2016
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At Collier Wealth, on Monday mornings we have team meetings where we discuss our practice, how to better deliver our message, operational issues and how current markets impact our clients.

I promise to all that read this that I was fully invested in the conversation, but I couldn’t help but notice the “comings and goings” of a Robin right outside our conference room window. She was busy building a nest in a Crepe Myrtle and was easily visible from my seat.

As I watched her, I wondered who taught her to build that nest with such skill. After reading up on the subject, I discovered that the Robin has a very detailed and precise plan to build that nest. For example:

  1. Location – protected from sun, wind and rain. Must be on something sturdy, located close to a good feeding spot and close to water. It must also be hard for predators to see as this will be the robin and her babies home for the next 5 weeks.
  2. Gather Materials – dried grass fibers and small twigs about 6 inches long are best. After a soaking rain, mud is transported by the beakful several hundred times.
  3. Build the Nest – all the materials must be woven together and then the robin will use her tummy to shape the bottom of the nest. The bottom of the nest is lined with grasses and hairs so the eggs will have a soft place and keep warm. All this effort results in the hatching, nurturing and then the departure of the baby robins in 5 weeks.

At our firm, we also insist on process. Research has proven and we firmly believe that not only the construction of your portfolio is important, but the entire process is needed to get the desired result. Every step builds upon the other and exists as a very important rung on the ladder of Financial Planning.

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