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Love Yourself - you are worth it!

| September 04, 2017
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In November, 2016, I wrote a Blog titled The Urgent Can Drown Out The Important, and the crux of that post was not to let life’s busy-ness prevent us from focusing on what is important. Here is a segment from that post:

When we allow life’s busy-ness to become urgent, we can often drown out the important. Think of how you feel when someone takes the time to get to know you, or offers some encouraging words, or listens to you when you are struggling, or hugs you when you are hurting. Those are the important things, and they require time. One of the paradigms of life is that we often times must give a little to gain a lot. Long term gain can often require some short term sacrifice”

Allow me to switch gears in this post and focus on you and not others. How much time do you spend improving yourself, setting goals, or rewarding yourself for your accomplishments? Do you speak encouraging words to yourself, and remind yourself that you are blessed; that you have gifts and abilities to share, and that you can have a positive impact on others?

Our Lord made it very clear that we need to ….Love Others as We Love Ourselves…. We often ignore the end of that verse, Love Ourselves, yet how can we truly love others if we don’t first love ourselves? That is not a selfish statement, and loving/improving ourselves can make life so much better. Here are two suggestions to improving yourself:

  1. Take time to set a few goals, write them down and measure your progress. I use the acronym SMART, as goals should be Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time based. When you achieve a goal, you will feel good about yourself, and future goals will become easier to identify and pursue. Here are some proven facts about the benefits of setting goals:
    1. You will become more charismatic
    2. You will live longer and have more energy
    3. You will stay motivated during tough times
    4. You will help shape your life rather than life shaping you
    5. You will have more clarity and be less overwhelmed
    6. You will learn and grow
  2. Take time every day to have affirming conversations with yourself. You are a beautifully and wonderfully made person, and if you speak to yourself in a positive fashion you have a much greater chance of becoming that person.

So with all these benefits, why do fewer than 3% of Americans have written goals (and by the way those 3% achieve success that is greater than the other 97% combined)? Is it life’s busy-ness that keeps us from doing what is important or what is impactful? I urge you to take the time to Love Yourself—you are worth it!

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