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National Doctors' Day

| March 13, 2017
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Remember those times when parents and family said that you should be a doctor. My siblings and I heard that suggestion quite frequently from our Mom and Dad. Thinking back on those times makes me wonder why that was so important to them. Could it be the respect we had for doctors back then, or could it be that they made a lot of money. It never crossed my mind that perhaps it was because they loved what they did and/or were truly motivated to save lives and improve the quality of life for those they served. My how times have changed!

Many doctors I know, or whom I have spoken with, are burdened with complexities that include paperwork jungles, liability insurance, medical billing challenges, malpractice litigation, less time, lower reimbursements, government regulations, and tremendous uncertainty about the future. When I consider the sacrifices they made with the time they invested in their education, the long hours of internship, and the investments in their practices, I am concerned with how disillusioned many may be. I know for a fact that many older (and competent) doctors are looking for ways to retire much sooner than they originally planned. So when you experience a doctor that treats you like a person, spends an inordinate amount of time with you, and provides value added services, remember to thank them for their efforts. In the current environment that most doctors are required to work in, they must work much harder to achieve the same financial results. Their time is so stretched in this environment, so if they offer more of this most valuable resource to you, let them know you appreciate it.

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