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Business Owners, Beware: Hard Work Alone Is Not Enough

| May 01, 2017
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Most successful business owners create substantial value in their businesses, yet many are still not achieving their most important goals. Why? They are not using the key tactics that will enable them to build significant wealth outside of their businesses. Becoming Seriously Wealthy, a new book by Russ Alan Prince and John J. Bowen, Jr., aims to change that.

I was very pleased that the authors of Becoming Seriously Wealthy asked me to write the foreword because the book sheds light on a topic that has been neglected. Business owners really need help in maximizing their personal wealth, and this book provides that.

It details a range of Super Rich Solutions—the strategies used by the ultra-wealthy to grow their personal wealth, minimize their tax liabilities, protect their wealth and transfer wealth effectively to the next generation. These strategies are backed up by research into successful business owners, ultra-wealthy individuals and single-family offices, and illustrated by real-world case studies.  

If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of Becoming Seriously Wealthy, please contact my office at 615-826-5203 or by email to

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